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ADK Prime partnered with the legendary Reed Ranch to address a marketplace void. We observed that successful small farms were producing local and naturally raised beef, yet they lacked the ability to reach consumers outside their local zip code. We also observed a marketplace flood of commercial beef from factory farms that was both expensive, less healthy and adds severe stress to the raising of a herd. There appeared to be a void between what consumers demanded and what is commercially available in the local store or marketplace. ADK Prime has identified this void and we have inserted ourselves into this marketplace with high quality and cost-effective pricing (best value) that is delivered directly to the end user. 


Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-Free, Pasture-Raised Adirondack Beef

ADK Prime's vision and continual goal is to provide hormone-free, antibiotic-free and pasture-raised Adirondack beef as our forefathers produced nearly 200 years ago. “Pasture Raised Perfection” is our commitment to our customers.


We strive for excellence and care in our daily fostering of the highest quality beef in the region. “Pasture Raised Perfection” is a term that combines our naturally and humanely raised beef, genetics, nutrition and our commitment to quality over quantity…. This provides you with perfect marbling and incredible flavor. You not only have confidence in our managed program, we guarantee perfection for you and your family!


The historical Reed Ranch is a 1200 Acre farm that is nearly 200 years old. David Reed manages the estate and is an 8th generation “Reed” of the original settlers (Father Mathias Reed circa 1760 and sons Henry and Daniel Reed settled the area following the War of 1812). C. “Butch” Cleveland and his wife Kelly have been long time friends of the Reed Ranch and eagerly engaged their expertise to create the angus farming enterprise that exists today. We are proud of the rich history and we look forward to a couple hundred more years of farming fun and family success!


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