Performance Bulls

ADK Prime Registered Black Angus Bulls represent the highest quality in the marketplace at a price that does not mortgage the farm. ADK Prime’s herd has been heavily culled for productivity traits so that we produce top quality bulls for your respective operations. Our process assures that you are purchasing bulls with 1) Known genetics, 2) a completed vaccination regimen, 3) a breeding soundness exam, 4) Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) and, 5) Persistent Infection (PI) status. Genomic-enhanced Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) to provide added accuracy and reliability to young and unproved bull’s EPD while predicting the future progeny relative to the known database (additional information at http://www.angus.org/AGI/default.aspx). Through the years, we have used leading sires in our program to bring the genetics to where we are today. When our herd goes to the sale barn, we “ring the bell” for a reason. Our herd is managed to produce highly uniform, fertile and profitable sales of all classes/weights of Angus. Simply stated: “we are leaders in the industry!”

ADK Prime purchased the successful bull program from the famous Mountain Hollow Ranch, which was operated by Randy and Laura Rockhill. This program has been providing high quality Registered Black Angus sires and seedstock to pure bred and commercial breeders for nearly 2 decades. ADK Prime’s strict management program produces only high quality sires that you can count on. This allows genetics, nutrition and profitable traits to be passed to the customer.

High quality Registered Black Angus begins with proper genetics. Black Angus genetics must pass along pelvic area calving ease (loss of cow/calf can be a snowballing cost burden), ease of udder suckling for calves, docility, heifer pregnancy-take and efficient growth all at a value in the marketplace. ADK Prime maintains detailed “Performance Records” such as Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR) to identify the genetic differences in our cattle. You can use AHIR information to compare a multitude of traits, including growth, production and carcass information. The AHIR program can provide information to identify superior genetics and aid in one of our perfect sires for your herd!


For more information on our genetics and nutrition program:  http://www.angus.org/AGI/default.aspx


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