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Welcome to Adirondack Prime, LLC (ADK Prime)
where we specialize in "Pasture-Raised Perfection®"

ADK Prime is a “naturally raised” Registered Black Angus farm that has been in continual operation in St. Lawrence Co. in Northern NY since 1834. The 1200 Acre farm resides on the legendary “Reed Ranch” and is nestled between the Wolf Lake State Forest and the Moss Ridge glacial formation. The Reed Ranch lands are considered “Glacial Till” with the valley lands forming the rich farmland between these vast granite ridges. Because the lands reside in the jet stream path which receives moisture from the Great Lakes, the lands receive appreciable rainfall to support lush vegetation. Green grasses, legumes, corn, and small grains flourish in this favorable natural environment which extremely benefit the Black Angus. The valley is split by a mountain stream where stormwater and artesian groundwater provide year around fresh surface water supply. Simply, the lands are breathtaking!

ADK Prime’s vision and continual goal is to provide hormone-free, antibiotic-free and pasture-raised Adirondack beef as our forefathers produced nearly 200 years ago. As professional grass-growers, strict land management is the foundation of our farm’s success. “Pasture Raised Perfection” is our commitment to our customers. We strive for excellence and care in our daily fostering of the highest quality beef in the region and we ship to most addresses in the continental US to achieve the farm-to-table program!

Pasture Raised Perfection


“Pasture Raised Perfection” is a term that combines our naturally and humanely raised beef, genetics, nutrition and our commitment to quality over quantity...This provides you with perfect marbling, incredible flavor and a healthy choice for you and your family!



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Full, Half & Quarter Side

Pasture-raised, stress-free, grass fed beef. No antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. Specializing in all-natural Angus Beef. Exceptionally lean, and highly flavorful meat. Sold as ¼, ½ (side), or full beef. Our beef is finished and packed to meet your individual needs, remains superior & healthier and normally costs a fraction of the commercial beef you find in the local store! 


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